Mommy Makeover Surgery in Northern New Jersey

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back With Mommy Makeover

Do you love being a mother, but not love the effects that motherhood has had on your body? If this is the case, Dr. Erwin Bulan can help!

Dr. Bulan is pleased to offer patients in Northern New Jersey mommy makeover plastic surgery. Mommy makeover is not actually one surgery, but rather a combination of multiple cosmetic surgery procedures designed to address the common aesthetic complaints that many moms have after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

At Bulan Plastic Surgery, we are proud that so many patients turn to us for our surgical skill in mommy makeover surgery. We also take great pride in the opportunity to reward hardworking mothers by giving them their pre-baby body back. Read on to find out how.

What Aesthetic Complaints Does Mommy Makeover Address?

Pregnancy can leave women with sagging skin that has lost its elasticity, particularly in the abdominal area. It can also wreak havoc on a woman’s stomach muscles, often severely weakening them or even causing them to separate.

Not only that, but breastfeeding may leave mothers with drooping or deflated-looking breasts, or nipples that have migrated southward. In some cases, women complain that their breasts are smaller after nursing than they were before they got pregnant. This can be especially frustrating for women who had a petite breast profile to begin with.

To address these common aesthetic complaints, Dr. Bulan typically includes abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck” surgery), breast augmentation and breast lift surgery in his mommy makeover plastic surgery procedure. Tummy tuck surgery addresses a less-than-perfect midsection, while breast augmentation and breast lift surgery address a lackluster bust line. (To learn more about each of these cosmetic surgery procedures, please visit their respective pages by clicking on the links above.)

Also, Dr. Bulan can include additional plastic surgery procedures in mommy makeover surgery if desired. For instance, many patients request that liposuction or thigh lift be added to the surgery. Be sure to discuss all your aesthetic concerns with Dr. Bulan during consultation, so he can create a surgical treatment plan that is customized for you.

Pursuing Mommy Makeover: What Is the First Step?

The first step in pursuing mommy makeover surgery is easy – you have already done it by researching mommy makeover on the Bulan Plastic Surgery website!

The second step is also simple: schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Bulan to get more details about the procedure. During consultation, Dr. Bulan will review your medical history, unique physique and aesthetic goals for surgery. He will show you before-and-after photos of the many happy mommy makeover patients he has helped in the past. He will also discuss the procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have. Once you are satisfied that mommy makeover is right for you, the caring plastic surgeon will give you instructions about the next steps in the process to getting your pre-baby body back.

Remember, mommy makeover is a complex surgical procedure, and rewarding results can only be achieved if you undergo mommy makeover surgery with a highly trained, extremely experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Bulan.

But be prepared: Once you have undergone mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Bulan, your body will be so stellar that people may question if you are actually a mother!

Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body Now!

Motherhood may be one of the greatest gifts in life. Unfortunately, a disappointing side effect of motherhood is the physical toll that pregnancy and nursing can have on the body.

Being a mother usually means that you spend each day taking care of everyone else. But, today is the day that you start taking care of yourself! Reclaim your pre-baby body today – contact Dr. Bulan by calling Bulan Plastic Surgery at (973) 467-9744 now. He has performed mommy makeover for many Union County, Morris County and Essex County patients. See the results he can get for you. Your body has amazing capabilities, and you deserve to feel great about it!