Photo Gallery

Dr. Bulan’s Patients Share Their Before and After Photos

At Bulan Plastic Surgery in Northern New Jersey, we encourage prospective patients to peruse the following before-and-after photos of our previous patients. We believe that patient photos are an integral tool when pursuing plastic surgery. By looking at photos of patients who have undergone a similar plastic surgery procedure as the one that you are considering, you can get a better idea of what your aesthetic results may look like.

Please keep in mind that results may vary, depending on each person’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals for cosmetic surgery.

Also, the following is only a small sample of our many before-and-after photos. We value our patients’ confidentiality. Due to the personally identifiable nature of facial surgery photos, we have refrained from posting them here. We invite you to come into our office to view a wide range of before-and-after photos. Thank you for understanding.