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Liposuction In Essex County, New Jersey

Also Offering Liposuction for Morris & Union Counties

Do you pride yourself on consistently following a healthy diet and exercise regimen but find that you are constantly plagued by stubborn fat in certain areas of your body? Are you at or near your ideal body weight, but cannot get rid of pesky fat in your abdominal area or on your thighs? Do you have love handles, saddlebags or a “double chin” no matter how hard you work out?

These fatty areas may not be your fault. Many people suffer from stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Often, fat can accumulate and get stuck under the skin in one or more areas of the body. But you no longer have to feel discouraged! Northern New Jersey cosmetic surgeon specialist Dr. Erwin Bulan has a solution: liposuction.

Liposuction is a body contouring plastic surgery procedure designed to eliminate these stubborn areas of fat. Dr. Bulan can perform liposuction on almost any area of the body, including the abdomen, back, ankles, calves, knees, hips, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, chin and neck.

At Bulan Plastic Surgery, we have performed liposuction to help hundreds of patients throughout Essex, Morris and Union County, New Jersey get the sculpted, proportionate body they long for. We invite you to experience how we can do the same for you!

Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction in Essex County

For the right candidates, liposuction can have a tremendously positive effect on their physique; it can tone up a problem area like the waist, thighs or buttocks. But liposuction is not suitable for everyone, and whether it’s right for you depends on the recommendations of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Bulan encourages you to do your homework and learn about the procedure and the criteria for candidacy. In his experience, candidates that take the time to research their procedure in depth are the most satisfied with the outcomes.

You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Have localized deposits of body fat: The first indication that you’re a good candidate for liposuction is that you have stubborn fat deposits on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms or even neck.
  • Have tried to lose weight through diet or exercise: Liposuction is not a substitute for diet or exercise. You should only seek out liposuction as a last resort to fat loss. You will see the best results if you are already in the routine of eating healthfully and exercising regularly; these habits will help you maintain your results long-term.
  • Are in good general health: Liposuction is a major surgery. You should be in good overall health, free of any systemic or autoimmune diseases that could jeopardize the safety of the procedure or your recovery.
  • Have firm, elastic skin: Liposuction targets selected pockets of fat; it does not trim or shrink the skin. You will be happiest with your results if your skin is firm and has good elasticity, as it will shrink over the treated area following surgery.
  • Have reasonable expectations: You should have specific and realistic goals of what you hope to accomplish with liposuction. In general, liposuction can sculpt a particular area of your body, but it cannot change your overall frame or body type. Liposuction should be considered a contouring procedure, and NOT a weight loss procedure. Dr. Bulan will consult with you extensively to determine your goals and recommend whether you can achieve them through liposuction or another body sculpting treatment.
  • Have a positive attitude: Having any type of plastic surgery can cause a variety of emotions. It’s best if you have a positive attitude going into the experience and work hard to keep it throughout your journey.
  • Accept the risks of surgery: As with any elective surgery, you must consider it seriously. You should weigh the potential risks of surgery against the benefits and accept the (small) chance that something could go wrong during or after surgery.

When You Should Avoid Liposuction

You may not be a good candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have folds of loose, stretched-out skin, or significant superficial skin irregularity or cellulite
  • Cannot commit to maintaining your results with the proper diet and exercise routine
  • Smoke (smoking can compromise the safety of your surgery and affect your recovery)
  • Have a serious or life-threatening medical condition like heart disease or diabetes
  • Have unreasonable expectations of surgery (i.e., desire a different body type altogether)
  • Are having surgery to please someone else

The best way to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for liposuction is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your goals, lifestyle and health.

Liposuction Consultation

What is your first step in pursuing Essex County liposuction surgery? Congratulations, you have already done it! By perusing the Bulan Plastic Surgery website to learn more about liposuction, you have already taken the first step toward a better body.

What do you do next? It’s easy! Contact Dr. Erwin Bulan to set up an appointment. During your consultation, Dr. Bulan will evaluate your physique and your aesthetic goals for liposuction. He will explain how liposuction works and what you should expect before, during and after surgery, as well as share before-and-after photos of other liposuction patients and answer any questions you may have. He will then recommend the liposuction treatment protocol that best fits your needs.

Named 2011-2013 “Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery” by New Jersey Family magazine, Dr. Bulan is well qualified to help you get the sculpted body you desire. Take the next step and contact Dr. Bulan for a personal consultation. Your dream body awaits!

How Liposuction Works

Liposuction goes by several different names, including lipoplasty and liposculpture. No matter what you call it, liposuction is an outpatient procedure, and can be performed under either general or local anesthesia (as determined during your preoperative appointment with Dr. Bulan). Liposuction can be performed on its own or may be combined with tummy tuck as part of a procedure called lipoabdominoplasty.

Dr. Bulan typically performs tumescent liposuction, meaning he injects a tumescent solution into the treated area before removing the excess fat. The tumescent solution contains sterile saltwater and a local anesthetic that constricts blood vessels, causing the treated area to become swollen and firm. This minimizes bleeding in the area.

During liposuction, Dr. Bulan inserts a thin, hollow tube called a cannula through a miniscule incision, removing excess fat from underneath the skin. He can combine this basic liposuction technique with laser-assisted energy or power-assisted vibrations to facilitate the removal of fat. Dr. Bulan can treat multiple areas at once.

Once he is satisfied with the results, Dr. Bulan applies bandages or compression dressings to any incisions made to prevent bleeding and reduce swelling. Immediately after surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room while the effects of the anesthesia wear off. Once you have been cleared, an authorized adult may take you home. You should have someone stay with you the first night following surgery.

Liposuction Recovery: How to Ensure Best Liposuction Results

The recovery period varies from person to person, but in general you should expect to take 2-3 days off work. You should rest and avoid any strenuous activity during this time. You may have to wear support garments for several weeks after liposuction surgery, depending on which area(s) of the body are treated. You can expect the treated area(s) to be sore, swollen, bruised and/or numb. These symptoms are normal and will subside over time. Although some of the aesthetic benefits will be noticeable after surgery, results continue to get better as any swelling and bruising in the treated area subsides.

Dr. Bulan may choose to continue to improve the overall result by incorporating non-invasive skin tightening procedures in the office. This is done to maximize the skin contraction post op. Although liposuction is a surgical procedure done at a particular day of surgery, combining this with energy based techniques during the procedure as well as postoperative truly makes this a 21st century body contouring procedure!

Before your surgery, Dr. Bulan will give you specific instructions regarding the preparation and recovery for liposuction. Please follow his instructions carefully to minimize the risk of complications and maximize the visible results.



Liposuction for Men and Women in Northern New Jersey

One of the beauties of liposuction is its versatility. Liposuction is able to treat stubborn pockets of fat on most parts of the body. The procedure is perhaps most popular and effective on the flanks, abdomen, thighs, upper arms, chin and neck, but Dr. Bulan has also found great success treating the back, and shaping the butt. If you have unwanted fat on a part of the body not included on this list, please discuss it with Dr. Bulan during a consultation. He can tell you whether liposuction, or perhaps another procedure, may be useful.


Be patient when it comes to judging your liposuction results. The swelling that follows surgery may have you feeling like your body has not lost any fat; however, the results will gradually improve over the course of months to reveal your new and improved contours. It can take up to six months before you see the final results.


The great news is that the fat cells Dr. Bulan suctions out during liposuction are removed from your body forever. That means you can keep the results for a lifetime, though that will require you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be aware that if you eat excess calories, the remaining fat cells in your body can still grow in size, and you can then see the fat deposits return to even the areas treated by liposuction.  


The price of your liposuction procedure will depend mainly on the size and number of areas you are choosing to treat. After having a conversation with Dr. Bulan during a consultation, he can provide you with a complete quote so the associated costs are known upfront. Financing options are available for patients who would prefer to make payments toward the full price of liposuction.


Dr. Bulan’s decision to primarily perform tumescent liposuction is based on his professional experience. He finds that tumescent liposuction, compared to traditional liposuction, is safer and ultimately yields better results. On average, patients who undergo tumescent liposuction experience less pain and have a faster recovery period. Considering that the tumescent technique has become the most popular form of liposuction in the United States, other surgeons clearly share this opinion.


Liposuction Consultation in New Jersey

That largely depends on the elasticity of your skin. Some patients will see their skin nicely snap back into place once fat cells have been removed, while others may notice sagging. Fortunately, there are procedures like laser skin tightening that can be performed later to clean up any unappealing contours and to create a more toned shape.

Dr. Bulan will examine the texture of your skin during your consultation. If he is concerned about how the skin will look after liposuction, he may suggest procedures like tummy tuck, thigh lift or arm lift as a solution. In addition to suctioning out unwanted fat deposits, these surgeries involve excising loose skin to give the body a significantly more appealing appearance.

How to Schedule a Lipo Consultation

Why hold on to unwanted fat any longer than necessary? Stubborn fat can weigh you down in more ways than one. Once you get rid of the excess fat with liposuction, both your body and soul will feel pounds lighter!

If you are considering plastic surgery and live in Morris, Essex or Union County, New Jersey, contact Dr. Bulan now by calling Bulan Plastic Surgery at (973) 467-9744, and see how the caring, talented plastic surgeon can give you the sculpted body you deserve!