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Tummy Tuck in Essex County, New Jersey

Also Offering Contouring for Morris & Union Counties

Do you eat healthy and exercise regularly, but still have loose skin and excess fat throughout your midsection, perhaps due to pregnancy, the natural aging process or other factors, such as heredity? Have you recently lost a major amount of weight, but now find that you’re left with sagging, extra skin on your abdominal area?

Don’t feel embarrassed if you identify with any of these scenarios – they are more common than you realize! Sometimes, diet and exercise are just not enough to get rid of loose skin that has lost its elasticity or stubborn, localized fat, both of which can be caused by pregnancy, aging or massive weight loss. Not to mention, pregnancy can also cause the abdominal muscles to become greatly weakened or separated, making it nearly impossible to restore muscle tone.

If you have tried everything and still cannot get the taut, toned tummy you desire, it’s time to try one more thing: Contact Dr. Erwin Bulan.

At Bulan Plastic Surgery, we are experts in body contouring procedures, including abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” surgery. We know how to help you get the firmer, flatter abdominal profile that has been eluding you – until now. We are also proud to offer combination procedures, such as mommy makeover to help you trim and tone all of your problem areas.

Who Makes a Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Although tummy tuck surgery is an effective way to get a flatter midsection, it is not for everyone. For instance, tummy tuck is not intended for major weight loss. Instead, it is a tool to get rid of excess skin on the abdominal area after major weight loss has already occurred. So, who makes a suitable candidate for tummy tuck? Read on to find out.

Suitable tummy tuck candidates include those who:

  • Are in overall good physical and mental health
  • Eat healthy and exercise routinely but still have loose skin that has lost its elasticity (and possibly localized fat) in the midsection
  • Have greatly weakened or separated abdominal muscles
  • Are at or slightly above their ideal body weight
  • Are at a weight they feel they can maintain after tummy tuck surgery
  • Are not pregnant and do not plan to get pregnant in the future
  • Do not smoke or are prepared to stop smoking several weeks before and after surgery
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Bulan, can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for tummy tuck. To find out if you can benefit from tummy tuck surgery, contact Bulan Plastic Surgery to schedule a personal consultation.

What to Expect During Tummy Tuck

Before the day of tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Bulan will give you detailed instructions about what to do before and after the procedure. Tummy tuck is usually an outpatient procedure, so you should arrange to have an authorized adult drop you off and pick you up from the surgical facility.

On the day of surgery, general anesthesia will be administered before Dr. Bulan begins the tummy tuck procedure. To start, an incision is made that runs horizontally across the lower abdomen from hipbone to hipbone. Careful planning is done to position the incision so it can be concealed by underwear or a bathing suit.

The surgeon then repairs abdominal muscles as needed, possibly using stitches on the stomach muscles to create or restore the look of a “six pack.” Dr. Bulan then removes any excess skin from the abdominal area. Liposuction maybe performed if you have stubborn fat pockets under the skin. The plastic surgeon then repositions the remaining skin, realigning the navel with the newly contoured abdomen. To finish tummy tuck, Dr. Bulan closes the incision with sutures.

Abdominoplasty Risks

One note: There are inherent risks with any type of surgery; tummy tuck is no exception. However, Dr. Bulan is a highly experienced plastic surgeon and takes specific precautions to minimize surgical risks. On your end, you must strictly adhere to Dr. Bulan’s instructions to reduce the risk of complications and maximize the aesthetic benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

How to Schedule a Tummy Tuck Consultation

Pregnancy, major weight loss, aging gracefully: These are all things to be proud of. On the other hand, having the sagging skin or weakened abdominal muscles that these milestones can cause would frustrate anyone.

Stop feeling frustrated, and start feeling optimistic. You can have a taut, toned tummy! Many patients throughout Union, Morris and Essex County, NJ have already experienced the great results that Dr. Bulan can achieve. Contact Dr. Bulan by calling Bulan Plastic Surgery at (973) 467-9744, and get on your way to six-pack abs today!