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Breast Implant Types – Essex County, New Jersey

Also Offering Implant Options for Morris & Union Counties

Now that you have decided to enhance your breasts with leading Northern New Jersey breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Erwin Bulan, you may be wondering what you need to know about breast implants.

For instance, do you know what type of breast implant is the most popular among breast augmentation patients? Are you aware that breast implants come in different shapes and textures? Do you know what the available shapes and textures are?

If you do not know the answers to the questions above, do not worry! Dr. Bulan can help you navigate the many breast implant choices out there.

It is exciting that you have decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery! Now, your next step is to educate yourself about the breast enhancement options available, including what type, shape and texture of breast implants may be right for you. Let’s get started!

What Types of Breast Implants Are Available?

Dr. Bulan offers three types of breast implants: saline, silicone and the new, more cohesive silicone gel option, commonly referred to as “gummy bear” implants. Both saline and silicone breast implants (including gummy bear implants) have a silicone outer shell, but saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. On the other hand, silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel, and gummy bear implants are filled with an advanced, more cohesive silicone gel material.

Saline Breast Implants

The main advantage of saline breast implants is that your body can naturally absorb the saltwater solution inside the implants if the implants rupture. Another benefit of saline implants is that Dr. Bulan can insert the implants first then fill them after they are positioned in the breast implant pocket. This allows the plastic surgeon to make smaller incisions during breast augmentation surgery and customize the size of breast implants for each patient.

Silicone Breast Implants

In contrast, if silicone gel implants rupture, your body cannot naturally absorb the filling material. In addition, the silicone gel filling material stays intact even if the outer shell ruptures; this can lead to a condition called “silent rupture.” If silent rupture occurs, you may not know that your silicone breast implant has leaked or ruptured. To minimize the risk of silent rupture, Dr. Bulan advises his Northern New Jersey breast augmentation patients with silicone implants to undergo a breast imaging exam (i.e., an MRI or mammogram) every three years, starting the third year after the initial breast enhancement surgery as recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

That said, silicone breast implants are the popular choice among breast augmentation patients because they look and feel more like natural breasts than saline implants do. They may also be less prone to visible rippling on the skin’s surface, making them a good choice for patients who have little body fat or breast tissue, or thin skin.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants (i.e., cohesive silicone gel)

The newest type of breast implants, gummy bear implants were recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in breast augmentation. Gummy bear implants are anatomically shaped and are made from a cohesive silicone gel that is less likely to lose its shape even if the implants leak or are stretched out. This characteristic leads to added peace of mind in case of breast implant rupture. Not to mention, this generation of breast implants is less likely to ripple as easily as earlier-generation implants, making them a good choice for thinner patients who may be more prone to visible rippling on the surface of skin or patients undergoing revision breast augmentation who tend to have breast pockets that were previously stretched out by the original procedure.

To find out which type of breast implants is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bulan. He will evaluate your overall physique and goals for breast augmentation surgery, and recommend the type of implants that he thinks is best.

What Breast Implant Shape Is Right for Me?

To determine which shape of breast implants may be right for you, it is important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Bulan. In the meantime, here is some information regarding the shapes of breast implants, so you can get a preliminary idea of the available choices.

Typically, breast implants are either round or shaped like a teardrop. Round breast implants offer the most fullness, lift and cleavage. Teardrop-shaped implants are more anatomically correct.

Is your goal for breast augmentation to have the most voluminous breast shape and visible cleavage possible? Or, is your aesthetic goal to have added volume throughout the breasts with the most natural look possible? Determining your answer to these questions will help you decide which shape of breast implants may be right for you.

What Breast Implant Texture Is Right for Me?

Once you have decided which shape of breast implants is best, it is time to decide if you would like a smooth or textured outer shell. Breast implants with a smooth outer shell move more freely within the breast implant pockets. Implants with a textured outer shell tend to affix themselves to the overlying breast tissue, helping them stay higher up on the chest over time however with added risk of rippling.

Again, it is important to ask yourself what your goals for breast augmentation surgery are. If you would like breast implants that help counteract the effects of gravity, textured breast implants may be right for you. To make a final decision on the matter, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bulan. He can help you make an informed decision once he has evaluated your body frame and aesthetic desires.



Breast Implant Options in Essex County, New Jersey  Although gummy bear implants are certainly rising in popularity because of their more natural feel, the most common implant type remains round silicone. That does not mean they are always the right choice for your unique body, however. Dr. Bulan believes it is better to fit you with implants that best allow you to achieve your dream results over the type that is most “popular.”


The cost of breast implants differs not only by substance, but also by size. On average, saline implants are less expensive, but not so much so that it is the primary factor when a patient chooses one implant style over another. As you look at the different implant options in Dr. Bulan’s office, he will be able to tell you the price for each kind.


Most implants will remain in good condition in your breasts for at least 10 years. Over time, the quality of the implant may degrade — at that point, it may become necessary to seek breast revision surgery, which involves insertion of fresh implants to maintain the results.


Of course you can. Patients will usually look at and touch the breast implant options during the consultation phase to get a better sense of each type and size ahead of making any decisions. The goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your choice as well as the entire process.


Implants can be placed in such a way that they should not impede your body’s natural lactation process. Women who are particularly concerned with breastfeeding should express that to Dr. Bulan ahead of surgery so that he can choose a technique that best preserves the breasts’ ability to feed a baby.


Choosing Your Ideal Breast Implants in New Jersey  While many women experience a change in sensitivity in their breast tissue and nipples in the initial months after surgery, most will see the sensitivity return to these areas over time. Patients should be aware that the risk of losing this sensitivity permanently is low, but is a possibility.


Because breast implants make your breasts heavier, they are more prone to sagging over time, in the same way that naturally large breasts are. Women who are concerned with breast sagging and want to keep the breasts elevated may seek breast lift surgery at a later point. Some may even elect to have breast lift combined with breast augmentation from the start to achieve a natural, younger-looking appearance immediately.


Dr. Bulan is one of New Jersey’s most beloved breast surgeons because of his extraordinary skill and the compassion he demonstrates to his patients. For a positive experience and amazing results, you will not regret selecting Dr. Bulan to perform your breast augmentation.

Schedule an Implant Consultation

If there is one message that we would like for you to take away from this page, it is that you should not make final decisions about breast implants on your own. Although it is important for you to research the available breast implant options to get a preliminary idea about your surgical goals and the best way to attain them, it is equally important for you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bulan. That way, Dr. Bulan can evaluate your medical history, unique anatomy and aesthetic goals before giving you his qualified opinion about which type, shape and texture of breast implants may be right for you. Dr. Bulan and his friendly, professional staff have helped many women throughout Union, Essex and Morris County, NJ achieve the look they desire.

The most intelligent decision you can make is to contact Dr. Bulan by calling Bulan Plastic Surgery at (973) 467-9744.