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Male Plastic Surgery in Essex County, New Jersey

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Are you a man who is considering plastic surgery, but is too embarrassed to take the first step? It may help you to know that, although men are not as vocal about pursuing plastic surgery as women are, an increasing number of men are turning to Dr. Erwin Bulan for cosmetic surgery. Men may not have the same exact aesthetic concerns as women, but they still want to look and feel their best. That is why renowned New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Bulan offers a variety of plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures designed to meet a man’s specific needs.

Male Plastic Surgery Procedures Offered

If you are a man who is interested in plastic surgery, do not hesitate to call Dr. Bulan. He is a talented and discreet plastic surgeon who specializes in a broad range of male cosmetic surgery procedures. The following are the most common cosmetic procedures for men.


Often, men gain excess weight due to stress, the natural aging process or other factors. They tend to gain weight throughout their abdominal or chest area. If you are bothered by “love handles” around your midsection, a pooch on your lower abdomen or even the appearance of “man boobs” in your chest area, Dr. Bulan can help. He offers liposuction surgery to remove excess stubborn fat from almost any area of the body.


Let’s face it: Even men are susceptible to the visible effects of aging on the face. That is why many men turn to Dr. Bulan for facelift surgery. Dr. Bulan can correct sagging skin, displaced fat, deep folds and other signs of facial aging with facelift plastic surgery. Not to mention, the Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon can tailor facelift surgery to the fit the aesthetics of the male face. If you decide to undergo facelift surgery with Dr. Bulan, you can feel confident that you will receive natural-looking results that can make you look years younger.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure for both men and women who want to look younger or more refreshed throughout the eyes. However, a man’s aesthetic goals for the outcome of eyelid surgery are typically different from a woman’s. For example, men do not want their eyes to look too large because big, wide eyes are usually considered a feminine trait. That is why it is important for you to undergo eyelid surgery with Dr. Bulan – he knows what men want.

Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments

If you could use some facial rejuvenation but are not yet ready to pursue cosmetic surgery, Dr. Bulan has the answer for you: nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. Dr. Bulan offers his male patients a range of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments designed to make them look younger without having to pursue surgery.

If you have facial wrinkles in the upper face, including “worry lines” between the eyebrows or horizontal folds across the forehead, you may benefit from BOTOX, an injectable muscle relaxant designed to improve certain facial wrinkles temporarily. Another option is laser skin rejuvenation treatment to even out skin tone and fade dark spots caused by aging or sun damage. Dr. Bulan can evaluate your skin type and aesthetic needs, and advise a treatment protocol that will give you glowing skin and a more youthful visage without minimal to no downtime.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery)

Fat Transfer Treatment in Essex CountyIf you suffer from enlarged male breasts (a condition called gynecomastia), you may be a suitable candidate for male breast reduction in Essex County, New Jersey. Male enlarged breasts may be caused by excess fat or glandular (breast) tissue in the chest area on males. During the consultation, Millburn, NJ specialist Dr. Bulan will listen to your aesthetic concerns, evaluate your individual anatomy and then recommend an appropriate plastic surgery treatment plan, which may include liposuction of the chest and/or excision of excess breast tissue.

If you are ready to do what many other men are doing – pursue plastic surgery or nonsurgical cosmetic treatment – contact Dr. Bulan at Bulan Plastic Surgery by calling (973) 467-9744 today.