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Monthly Archives: December 2019

How to Ensure Best Facelift Results in Essex County, NJ

Avoiding a “Pulled” Or Artificial Look from Facelift

The Negative Perception of the Facelift

Facelift has long been associated with aging Hollywood starlets, or with politicians desperate to avoid looking old and wise. The ones we most clearly remember are the facelifts that missed the mark — artificial, pulled and sometimes even extraterrestrial in appearance.

Usually the cause of such a result is that the celebrity just didn’t know when to stop. He or she insisted on going to an extreme, when a modest procedure performed by a skilled surgeon would have worked wonders. And the skill, experience and good judgment of a board-certified plastic surgeon are essential to achieving elegant and lasting rejuvenation. Dr. Erwin Bulan understands the benefits and limits of this cosmetic procedure, and will work closely with you to achieve a beautifully satisfying result. Continue reading