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5 Things That Are Off-Limits After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery poses risks just as any other surgical procedure. In fact, Dr Erwin Bulan notes that several of the temporarily prohibited activities that are off-limits to plastic surgery patients apply to anyone undergoing an operation. These activities include:

1. Strenuous Exercise   

Strenuous exercise can affect the integrity of the incision, which is the last thing you want. A brief respite — usually only a few weeks, at most — from vigorous athletic training is not going to affect fitness in the long run. The doctor will inform you when you can start your exercise regimen again. Less strenuous exercise, such as walking, is generally recommended during the recuperation period.

2. Showering or Bathing

For at least two days after surgery, showering or bathing is out for most patients. Sponge baths can take their place during this time. Getting the incision wet early on can interfere with the healing process and affect scab formation.

3. Smoking

Prior to plastic surgery, smokers had to quit the habit if they wanted a procedure done. After plastic surgery, it is vital to stay away from cigarettes or vaping, as smoking interferes with the healing process. Nicotine causes blood vessel constriction, which prevents blood from reaching the incisions, increasing many of the risk factors associated with plastic surgery. This includes scarring, greater potential for infection, and possible tissue death.

Of course, smoking is detrimental to overall health, and it is wise to never start up again if you can help it.

4. Driving

How long a patient must refrain from getting behind the wheel depends on the procedure, but it will take longer for those undergoing tummy tucks and other abdominal operations. However, no patient should drive while still on the pain medications prescribed after the surgery. These drugs can impair the ability to react in time while on the road. Arrange for other transportation for follow-up appointments, errands, and the like, until the doctor says it is safe to drive again.

5. Sick People and Pets

It makes sense to stay away from family members or friends suffering an illness before your surgery, and during your recovery. After all, your immune system is not as hardy as usual while your body heals, and you are more vulnerable to infection. Perhaps it is more difficult to stay away from beloved pets during this time. As much as you might feel like cuddling your furry friend, pets may also spread germs, so keep interactions with them to a minimum until you are feeling well.

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