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6 Diet Mistakes You May Be Making

If you have spent months on a diet but do not see the body slimming results you desire, it is possible you are self-sabotaging with small mistakes. Dr. Erwin Bulan, a leading Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon, reveals the most common diet mistakes that could be throwing off your weight loss efforts (and suggests some tweaks to make).

Skipping Breakfast

Plenty of people don’t eat breakfast because they are watching their calorie intake and believe it is an easy meal to skip. Unfortunately, skipping breakfast can cause overeating later in the day. Get into the habit of having a protein and fiber-filled breakfast (i.e., eggs and whole-wheat toast is a great idea!) that tides you over until lunch.

Avoiding Fruits

Something else that dieters tend to avoid is fruit! They believe that the sugar in fruit causes weight gain, but they actually deny themselves important nutritional benefits. Fruit is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, and should be eaten guilt-free. Take a cue from the popular weight loss plan Weight Watchers and consider fruit a “freebie.”

Too Much Protein

Certain dieters tip the scales too far in the favor of protein, actually taking in too much (the excess of which gets stored as fat). Also, protein shakes and bars can be chock-full of added sugar and extra fat. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), women need about 46 grams of protein per day, but check with a registered dietician for your target amount.

Never Indulging

If a diet is too strict, it can be difficult to sustain and might even lead to overindulging or binging at some point. Try to build in occasional treats or “cheats” to strike a healthy balance between your goals and rewards.

Not Keeping a Food Diary

Experts agree that keeping a food diary, in which you record everything you eat during the day, is critical to a successful diet. A food diary encourages accountability and it can also show you gaps or overindulgences in your diet. Be honest — note the bite of your child’s macaroni you swiped off his plate, or the nibble of cheesecake you had at the office potluck. Every bite counts! Once you have some hard data, make tweaks as necessary.

When Smart Dieting Doesn’t Help

Perhaps you avoid making all of these mistakes, eat a clean and balanced diet and exercise regularly — yet you still struggle with stubborn body fat. Dr. Bulan can help. He offers two fat reduction options, liposuction and Smartlipo, at his Northern New Jersey plastic surgery practice. If you like, Dr. Bulan can explore these options with you during a body sculpting consultation. To make an appointment with the doctor, please call (973) 467-9744 today.