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How to Ensure Best Facelift Results in Essex County, NJ

Avoiding a “Pulled” Or Artificial Look from Facelift

The Negative Perception of the Facelift

Facelift has long been associated with aging Hollywood starlets, or with politicians desperate to avoid looking old and wise. The ones we most clearly remember are the facelifts that missed the mark — artificial, pulled and sometimes even extraterrestrial in appearance.

Usually the cause of such a result is that the celebrity just didn’t know when to stop. He or she insisted on going to an extreme, when a modest procedure performed by a skilled surgeon would have worked wonders. And the skill, experience and good judgment of a board-certified plastic surgeon are essential to achieving elegant and lasting rejuvenation. Dr. Erwin Bulan understands the benefits and limits of this cosmetic procedure, and will work closely with you to achieve a beautifully satisfying result.

Understanding Patient Needs

In cosmetic surgery, good judgment means understanding the needs of the patient, and never pushing someone to try an unwanted or unnecessary procedure. Good judgment also involves considering the patient’s entire facial profile. Each area of the face — from eyebrows to nose to ears and chin — contributes to an individual’s distinctive look. Treating one area only, such as the jowls or neck, can upset the aesthetic balance of the face, making a person look unnatural and even unrecognizable.

How to Choose the Right Facelift Surgeon

A surgeon’s experience is extremely important in achieving a successful facelift. A surgeon who has done many facelifts has excelled at rejuvenation on a wide variety of facial types and situations. A surgeon who keeps abreast of the latest techniques and medical best practices knows how important it is to pay attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, not simply stretch the surface. The so-called “windswept” or “open cockpit” look is often the result of a doctor cutting and stretching only the surface layer, creating tension with deeper tissue. A skilled surgeon also knows that removing fat below the surface during a facelift can result in a skeletal look that will actually make the patient seem older. In today’s modern facelift techniques, it is not unusual to be adding volume through fat grafting, in addition to the tightening and tailoring of the skin.

The ideal plastic surgeon will be a gifted artist as well. So much of the final result will depend on the surgeon’s eye for balance and beauty. Facial cosmetic surgery involves a complex geometry of lines, curves and angles. They comprise the character of your face, the essence of your physical identity. A gracefully drawn jawline, a perfect symmetry of eyes, nose and chin, requires extraordinary artistic talent and taste. A surgeon with this gift will never pull facial features out of alignment, such as raising the brow, pulling back ears or improperly placing incisions.

Facelift Portraits of Success

And finally, a gifted plastic surgeon will enthusiastically share with you before and after pictures of his many facelift patients. You will see for yourself the difference exceptional skill and great passion can make.

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