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What Are the Best Ways to Plump the Lips?

If you envy the full lips of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Gigi Hadid, Dr. Erwin Bulan can help. The Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon offers several treatments to give you the plump and sensual pout you desire. Read on as Dr. Bulan explains your options.

Lip Fillers for Semi-Permanent Results

Injectable fillers are a popular way to temporarily plump and shape the lips. Several different types of fillers can be used, including Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane, Volbella and  Voluma. Dr. Bulan injects small amounts of filler into the upper and lower lips to add volume and fullness.

Plumping lips with fillers is a quick and comfortable treatment. First, Dr. Bulan will evaluate the shape and symmetry of your lips in relation to your face, and determine the areas that need shape and fullness. After he has decided the location and amount of filler to use, he will start making the injections. It usually takes under 30 minutes to complete treatment.

Your lips should instantly look fuller and more sensual. After the injections, you can go home almost immediately and resume most of your normal activities. Depending on the specific product, your results should last six to eight months, at which point your body will absorb the filler and you will need repeat treatment to maintain your results.

Lip Implants for Permanent Results

Some patients undergo repeat filler treatment and then decide they want permanent lip augmentation results. The Permalip implant can be placed to permanently alter the shape and fullness of the lips.

Permalip comes in different sizes for different goals. It can be inserted during a relatively quick in-office procedure. First, you and Dr. Bulan will select the best size implant to use. Then, your lips will be completely anesthetized. Dr. Bulan will create incisions at the corners of the mouth and insert the lip implant, positioning it underneath the native lip fat and above the lip muscles. Once the implant has been placed, Dr. Bulan will close the incisions and you can go home after the procedure.

Fat Transfer for Naturally Beautiful Results

There is a third option for adding natural looking shape and volume to the lips: using your own (unwanted) fat. During the fat transfer technique, Dr. Bulan will remove fat from another area of your body, like your abdomen, and transfer it to your lips. The amount of fat he transfers depends on the type of results you want to achieve. The fat transfer process takes about a half hour to perform and is commonly added when doing other surgical procedures of the face. How long the results last depends on personal factors, such as your metabolism.

Learn More about Your Lip Plumping Options

For more information about using fillers, an implant or your own fat to plump your lips, please contact Dr. Bulan and request a consultation. Call or email our practice today.