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Breast Augmentation Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

No breast augmentation question is too unimportant or private to ask Dr. Erwin Bulan. Though he has heard almost everything from interested candidates, he knows there are some topics that women tend to avoid. Dr. Bulan thought it would be a good idea to address these kinds of breast augmentation questions in their own blog post.

Should I sleep with a bra on after surgery?

Initially, you will need to wear the post surgical compression bra that we will provide for you at all times (even when sleeping).  This provides gentle symmetric support and helps to bring down the swelling. After about four weeks, you are free to do and wear whatever feels best. Some women prefer to sleep in a soft wireless bra and others don’t, but either way, it shouldn’t have any effect on your breast implants.

Can short women get implants?

Short women can certainly enjoy the benefits of implants. Keep in mind that proportion and balance are important. A small implant may provide dramatic results on a petite woman, whereas the same size implant would barely be noticeable on a taller woman. Each patient plays a direct role in choosing their implant.  We take measurements to insure that whatever implant is chosen will be proportionate to each individual’s chest and body size.  Patient also undergo our breast implant “fit sessions”.  Here, patients will be introduced to various sizes and shapes of implants to “try on” to get a direct visual image of what one may look like with different volumes of implants.  That, in addition to Dr. Bulan’s vast experience in breast augmentation, is our way of insuring that short women, or woman of any stature, will choose the best implant appropriate for them.

Do implants rupture?

Implants can rupture, but this is a rare problem. Modern implants are quite strong and resistant to strong forces and are cohesive in nature. It takes a very powerful impact (such as hitting the steering wheel during a car accident) to rupture an implant. If implants do rupture, we recommend that they are removed and replaced.

Is the surgery going to hurt?

Pain and discomfort after any surgery is both varied and patient dependent.  Narcotic and muscle relaxant medication will be provided to minimize any post-surgical discomfort.   Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure and the majority of patients are quickly ambulating and back to their daily routine very quickly. Afterward, it is normal to have mild swelling, bruising and tenderness in the chest. Everyone has a different pain threshold, so it is difficult to predict exactly how you will feel, but pain medication is there in case you need it. Breast augmentation is generally well tolerated by all patients.

Will I have scarring?

Any incision is going to leave scars. However, with the proper care and attention, scars fade significantly over time. Also, Dr. Bulan makes the surgical incisions in the natural folds of the skin (or around the edges of the areola) so that the scars are well concealed. We incorporate various scar therapies and laser treatments in any instances where scars are suboptimal.  As we often stress, we like to follow all patients during all stages of their healing process.

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