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Enhancing your well-being with breast augmentation

Can Breast Enhancement Improve Your Well-Being?

Breast enhancement surgery not only helps women look their best, but can have myriad benefits for a patient’s physical and mental well-being. Breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift can all have a positive impact on your life far beyond the obvious physical results. In this blog post, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Erwin Bulan discusses how breast enhancement can improve your well-being.

Decrease in Physical and Emotional Distress with Breast Reduction 

While most people immediately think of breast augmentation and lifts when they hear the phrase “breast enhancement,” many patients find that a breast reduction can dramatically improve their quality of life. Below are some ways in which reduction mammoplasty can be beneficial:

  • In most patients, breast reduction reduces the back, neck and shoulder pain that comes with overly large breasts
  • Chronic nerve pain and skin irritation often decreases in patients after reduction mammoplasty
  • Post-operation, women can engage in more physical activities and sports than before, making it easier to lose weight and have a more active lifestyle
  • Buying clothes and undergarments is no longer prohibitively stressful
  • Breast reduction has the power to restore your confidence and self-esteem

Additional Benefits of Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement procedures enable women to reach their body goals, and the results can give them a much-needed boost in self-confidence. Many women opt for breast enhancement because they have asymmetrical breasts, or because they want to restore their body to their more youthful shape. Mastectomy patients may find that their new body provides daily reminders of a difficult time in their life, and turn to breast enhancement to help them alleviate the emotional toll that those scars can leave. Breast enhancement often opens the door to a quality of life that may not have been attainable otherwise.


Every patient’s journey is unique to her own life experiences. If you are tired of being weighed down emotionally and physically by your own body, then it’s possible that breast reduction surgery can provide you a path of well-being and improvement. If you are dissatisfied with how your body has changed over time, and have lost the confidence of your youth, then breast enhancement surgery may help you restore that integral part of your personality. One of the most important things to remember when deciding whether or not to undergo plastic surgery, is to only do it if it makes you happy, not to please somebody else.

Speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss whether or not breast enhancement could improve your well-being. To schedule a consultation with New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Erwin Bulan, call (973) 467-9744.