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How Men Can Boost Their Confidence With Cosmetic Procedures

Confidence. When someone has it, it’s a quality that’s noticed right away. No matter which gender, there’s a definite link between a person’s confidence and their career and personal success, and nothing boosts confidence like knowing you look good. Dr. Erwin Bulan discusses the ways men can boost their confidence via cosmetic surgery.

Men and Cosmetic Surgery

While women still make up the bulk of cosmetic surgery patients, more men are discovering the difference that cosmetic procedures can make. There is a certain masculine appearance that denotes strength and decisiveness, and it makes sense that men who don’t look like that envy those who do. When everything else is equal in terms of education, ability, and experience, the better-looking man may well have the advantage when it comes to hiring. Some of these things are hard to quantify, so it’s easy to think the decision may have come down to looks — something women have dealt with forever.

In the past, age gave men an appearance of gravitas and wisdom. While that is still true to some degree, in today’s rapidly changing world, no man wants to look too old. It’s well-known that age bias is a factor in hiring. Many men decide to have plastic surgery so that they will look younger when seeking new positions.

Think of cosmetic surgery as an investment in your overall career strategy.   

Chin Augmentation

A strong chin has always indicated male strength and confidence. If you’re concerned that your chin appears weak, it may reflect in your confidence level. Chin augmentation not only puts your chin in better proportion to the rest of your face but also enhances your jawline and minimizes jowls.

Chin augmentation involves inserting a silicone implant around your existing chin bone. The results look natural and should last for the rest of your life.

Neck Lift

The saggy skin around your neck and jawline betrays your age. Neck lift removes the excess skin and creates a tighter, younger-looking jawline. Neck lift leaves you with a more masculine look.


Does your large or crooked nose make you feel self-conscious? Self-consciousness is the opposite of confidence. Rhinoplasty provides you with a nose that fits your face and can make you feel much more confident in business and social situations.


A healthy appearance instills confidence. For some men, rigorous dieting and exercising aren’t quite enough. There are still stubborn fat pockets that remain no matter your diet or exercise regimen. Older men with excess fat that won’t come off with exercise may want to undergo liposuction to give them that firmer physique.

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