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Lifts and Tucks Follow an Increase in Weight Loss Surgery

As a leading plastic surgeon in Northern New Jersey, Dr. Erwin Bulan has met with countless men and women seeking to tone and sculpt their bodies, many who have recently undergone bariatric (weight loss) surgery. Recent numbers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show more and more weight loss surgery patients across the U.S. are turning to body contouring procedures to improve the appearance of their post-weight loss bodies. Here, Dr. Bulan takes a look at this rising trend in detail.

The Link Between Weight Loss and Body Contouring

In 2013, there was an average of 500 weight loss surgery procedures a day, the third highest number on record. The number of thigh lifts and upper arm lifts performed rose 9 percent, while tummy tuck surgeries increased 4 percent and breast lift increased 10 percent. Dr. Bulan believes this increase in body contouring procedures is a result of the problems that typically follow massive weight loss. Many weight loss surgery patients have trouble exercising due to hanging, sagging skin. Often times, these patients also have low self-confidence because they feel unattractive or embarrassed by the appearance of excess skin. Body contouring procedures address these problems by eliminating sagging skin and restoring firmness to the body.

Post-Bariatric Body Lift with Dr. Bulan

If unsightly, loose excess skin is preventing you from enjoying your weight loss achievement, Dr. Bulan can help. Dr. Bulan offers a post-bariatric body lift that aims to tighten and smoothen the skin for a more attractive and slimmer physique. This procedure can be performed on several areas of the body including the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. Dr. Bulan can trim excess skin from the inner and outer thighs, and/or restore balance to an unevenly shaped buttocks. He can also firm and tone the abdominal area by removing excess skin. In some cases, Dr. Bulan combines liposuction with body lift to eliminate small, stubborn fat deposits around the body.

Dr. Bulan strives to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results that all of his patients can enjoy. This being said, he understands that no two patients or procedures are alike. Before your procedure, Dr. Bulan will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your personal aesthetic concerns and goals and customize a body contouring plan that best fits your needs.

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