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Why Plastic Surgeons Are Adding Fat Instead of Removing It

There was a time when adding fat into the body to enhance a person’s physical appearance was unheard of. But now, fat transfer has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, preferred by both plastic surgeons and patients. Also known as fat grafting, fat transfer enhances a patient’s figure by removing fat in one area of the body and reinjecting it into another. Here, Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Erwin Bulan discusses why more and more patients are choosing fat transfer to enhance their appearance.

What Fat Transfer Accomplishes

Many of Dr. Bulan’s patients seek fat transfer to add volume to areas of the face that have become sunken and thin-looking. Over time, the fat cells in the face shrink, causing the areas underneath the eyes, cheeks, eyebrows or jawline to look hollow. This can create a tired or older looking facial appearance. With fat transfer, fat cells from one area of your body are reinjected into these facial areas to restore lost volume. Dr. Bulan also uses fat transfer to plump up the lips and improve the look of scars, unwanted dimples or asymmetries. For example, one cheek may have retained more volume than the other as you’ve aged. Fat transfer can bring balance to your facial appearance by injecting fat cells into the sunken cheek.

Typically, Dr. Bulan uses the hips, abdomen, flanks or thighs as the “donor” sites. These are common areas that patients usually want to slim down or tone. Dr. Bulan removes the fat from one or more of these areas, processes it and harvests it to maximize the amount of healthy fat cells. After purifying the fat, Dr. Bulan injects it into the targeted body area to restore fullness and volume to that area.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

A Safe Procedure. Fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning the injection points and liposuction incisions are small. Because the procedure only uses your own fat and tissue, it’s completely hypoallergenic. This reduces the risks and possible complications that are more prevalent with other plastic surgery procedures.

Natural-Looking Results. Many plastic surgery patients are concerned that their results look beautiful but not discrete or natural-looking. With fat transfer, fat cells are injected into the deeper tissue to avoid visible lumps from appearing on the skin. Your cheeks, lips or other body areas you wish to enhance can look fuller and more beautiful without looking or feeling unnatural.

An Improved Overall Figure. Fat transfer helps you bring balance to your figure. You can enjoy having a rounder, more youthful face and a flatter tummy all at once! By removing unwanted fat from one area and reinjecting it into another, you can enjoy the beautiful body shape you have always hoped for, sooner. A fat transfer procedure allows you to skip the waiting time that comes in between multiple procedures.

To learn more about how fat transfer can help you achieve the beautiful face and figure you’ve always dreamed of, contact Dr. Bulan. Schedule a personal consultation today by calling (973) 467-9744.