reducing a double chin with kybella

Kybella is the first and only treatment, approved by the FDA, designed to reduce or eliminate submental fat, or fat under the chin. This is great news for adults that are bothered by the dreaded “double chin.” Kybella is an exciting alternative to traditional liposuction because it is non-surgical, non-invasive and there is small downtime and minimal risk.

Here, Dr. Erwin Bulan, a sought-after plastic surgeon in Northern New Jersey, explains how this incredible injectable is able to change a person’s profile and improve the shape and contour of their jawline.


Kybella’s active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is an enzyme we already produce that assists with the digestion of fat. Normally in the digestive tract, the deoxycholic acid breaks down fat by destroying the cell membrane. And when injected into subcutaneous fat in targeted locations (like the chin), the deoxycholic acid functions similarly. Once it has destroyed the cell membranes of fat beneath the chin, the dissolved fat gets broken down by your body and excreted as waste (as does the deoxycholic acid itself).

Candidates for Kybella are carefully screened to ensure that the fullness underneath the chin is from fat and not other factors like loose or excess skin. Submental fat can affect people of all ages because of genetic factors, hormones and weight gain. Interestingly, according to Allergan, who manufactures Kybella, many patients are men that are interested in the treatment to sharpen the jawline, but otherwise wouldn’t consider cosmetic procedures.

During a Kybella treatment session, the area under the chin is numbed with a topical cream or ice while the injector creates a map of injection sites. Patients receive 20 or more quick injections of Kybella. The number of injections and amount of Kybella used depends on how much fat the patient has underneath the chin. The injections should not be painful and patients can ice the chin in between injections to relieve discomfort.

After treatment, it is normal for the chin to feel sore and swollen. The swelling can take a few weeks to completely resolve. Kybella patients usually need two to six treatments, spaced a few weeks apart, to see optimal results. Results can be seen within a few weeks. Fortunately, once the fat cells have been destroyed, they do not come back.

Additionally, excitement exists with Kybella as its uses can transcend to other areas such as axillary breast fat, fat in the back and bra rolls and the medial knee area.


For more information about how Kybella works, Dr. Bulan invites you to book a consultation at our practice. Call or email us today to make your appointment.