renew your skin health after a summer in the sun with laser treatment

You may have noticed your skin doesn’t look as fresh and vibrant as it did during the start of summer. Sun exposure, saltwater, chlorine, wind, and sand dull your complexion and cause skin discoloration. That weathered look doesn’t have to follow you into winter, though. Bring back a healthy, glowing appearance with laser treatments at Bulan Plastic Surgery in Millburn.

Dr. Bulan and our staff want you to take stock of your skin concerns during National Healthy Skin Month. Schedule a consultation in November to evaluate your skin and develop a treatment plan to achieve smoother, luminous skin.


Laser technology has helped millions improve their skin for more than 20 years. Dr. Bulan and our Certified Plastic Surgery Nurse, Linda, are trained to evaluate you and counsel you on laser treatments. These technologies can improve sun-damaged, weathered skin. Whether you have sunspots, large pores, or numerous freckles, our medical spa can help. With a directed plan, Dr. Bulan personally delivers all the laser procedures for the utmost professional and safe treatments.


IPL therapy targets skin discoloration using light pulses that target cells that contain melanin (pigment). The brown or red tones are pushed to the skin’s surface, where the spots slough off. IPL treatment improves facial redness by focusing on and closing tiny blood vessels causing the discoloration and works for age spots and other discoloration. Multiple treatments are necessary to reach desired results, and people with severe discoloration may need up to six treatments.


Q-switched lasers focus on site-specific sunspots or brown spots. This technology is considered the “gold standard” treatment for benign hyperpigmentation. The laser produces two wavelengths that penetrate the skin’s layers without damaging the epidermis (surface layer). Brief pulses of high-intensity light beams target sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, growth birthmarks, liver spots, freckles, and lines and wrinkles. Q-switched laser treatment stimulates new collagen and works for all skin types. After four to six sessions, most patients see a dramatic improvement in pore size, skin tone, and texture. At Bulan Plastic Surgery, we use Alma Laser’s Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser called ClearLift®, which offers optimal skin resurfacing for the face, neck, and decolletage.


Fractionated erbium lasers offer excellent results with less recovery time than other technologies. This fractional ablative laser improves hyperpigmentation, loose skin, and wrinkles in all skin types. The Fractionated erbium-YAG laser is the “gold standard” for minimally invasive laser treatment for acne scars and works for a wide range of moderate-to-severe skin concerns. Fractionated erbium treatment does not remove the epidermis like other more agressive technologies (which require lengthy recovery); it accomplishes similar results by creating narrow columns in the skin and triggering the body’s natural wound-healing response.

A series of three treatments is often recommended, and patients see some improvement in skin texture and tone right away, with continued results as collagen fills in the treated area over six months.

If you’re unhappy with your skin’s appearance, schedule a consultation at Bulan Plastic Surgery in Millburn, New Jersey. Our team of medical professionals can revitalize your complexion with laser treatments. Call (973) 467-9744 or complete our online contact form.