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Submental Neck Lift vs. Liposuction in Essex County, New Jersey

Submental Neck Lift vs. Liposuction: Which Is Right for You?

A well-contoured neck and jawline takes years off your looks. Two primary options are available: a submental neck lift or liposuction. Which one is best for a particular individual depends on various factors. Here Dr. Erwin Bulan discusses what makes someone a more suitable candidate for each procedure.

Submental Neck Lift   

The neck serves as an area where the first serious signs of aging appear. That includes not only wrinkling, but skin that sags and looks thin, like crepe paper; hence the term “crepey.” A more descriptive term is “turkey neck.”

Also known as submental lipectomy, a submental neck lift is a surgery removing fat deposits located under the chin. The operation is done under general anesthesia.

After making a small incision beneath the chin, the surgeon suctions out the fat or removes it directly. Expect the removal of a small portion of skin, along with tightening of the muscles to achieve the desired result. The exact procedure depends on the laxity of the skin.

If a person wants to correct a receding chin, a neck lift is a better choice than neck liposuction.

Candidates for neck lifts must currently enjoy good health with no serious pre-existing conditions.

Neck Liposuction 

Good candidates for neck liposuction include those with good muscle tone and firm skin along the neck, but with stubborn fat deposits. However, those with saggy neck skin or less-than-stellar muscle tone will obtain better results with a submental neck lift.

Neck liposuction is a straightforward procedure performed under local anesthesia. After the doctor creates tiny incisions beneath the chin and both earlobes, the excess fat is suctioned out with a cannula and the neck and chin are sculpted for optimal contours.

Recovery Time

Most patients should plan for at least a two-week recovery period after a submental neck lift. Bandaging to reduce swelling is required, as are the use of surgical drains. While the patient will notice some improvement not long after the operation, it takes up to six months for the complete aesthetic effect of the neck lift to become apparent. Since most patients look about a decade younger, that extra time is worth it.

The recovery period for neck liposuction patients is much shorter. Most people can return to work within three or four days, although they should not engage in vigorous activities for about two weeks. Any swelling or discoloration should resolve within a week or so.

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