the latest trends and statistics from the american society of plastic surgeons

Plastic surgery is a dynamic field that has continued to experience growth this year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently released a report outlining the most popular procedures in 2017, and how those statistics held up against larger plastic surgery trends. Below, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Erwin Bulan discusses the latest trends and statistics from the ASPS.   


Almost 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2017. Here is a breakdown of the top five procedures and how they compare to numbers from previous years:

  • Breast augmentation – Over 300,000 women opted to increase their cup size last year.
  • Liposuction – Removing stubborn fat pockets via liposuction saw a 5 percent increase from 2016.
  • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) – While it still made this year’s Top Five list, nose reshaping actually decreased in popularity by 2 percent.
  • Eyelid surgery – Over 209,000 blepharoplasty procedures were performed in the United States in 2017, which is approximately the same amount as in 2016.
  • Tummy tuck – Up 2 percent from 2016, nearly 130,000 tummy tuck procedures were performed last year.


Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) continues to be hugely popular amongst plastic surgery patients. Over 7 million procedures were performed last year. Dermal fillers, used to soften wrinkles and plump up thinning lips, were the second most common minimally invasive cosmetic procedure of 2017. Chemical peels and laser hair removal were each performed over 1 million times in the United States, and microdermabrasion rounded out the category with fewer than 750,000 procedures.


An increase in breast reduction and a rebound for the tummy tuck were the most dramatic shifts from last year’s annual ASPS report. Instances of breast reduction increased by 11 percent, as more and more patients opted to remove excessive breast tissue in order to achieve a higher quality of life. Tummy tuck surgery failed to make the Top Five list in the 2016 report, but experienced a comeback in 2017. Last year, there were 2,000 more tummy tuck surgeries than the year before.

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