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Tummy Tuck in Essex County, New Jersey

Things That May Surprise You About Tummy Tuck

Deciding to undergo tummy tuck is a serious matter that requires careful consideration and research. You should try to learn as many facts about tummy tuck as possible; you are more likely to be satisfied with your results when you know what to expect.

Whether you are just starting your tummy tuck research or have been considering the procedure for quite a long time, there are some facts about tummy tuck that may surprise you. Read on to learn more from Dr. Erwin Bulan.

The procedure does more than just tighten skin

Tummy tuck does much more than simply tighten and “tuck in” loose abdominal skin. The procedure also tightens abdominal muscles that have stretched out or separated during pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations. During surgery, the muscles are sutured together in a corset-like fashion to flatten and strengthen the abdominal wall. This tightening of the muscles is what creates the most dramatic effects on contouring your abdomen that cannot occur with diet and exercise.

In addition to tightening the skin and muscles, tummy tuck also removes selected fat deposits from the front and sides of the abdomen. We often incorporate localized liposuction to continue to refine the abdominal shape.

Surgery is not just for women

Men can benefit from tummy tucks, too. Tummy tuck is useful for men who fluctuated significantly in weight and are bothered by leftover folds of loose, saggy abdominal skin. The procedure gives a man’s stomach a more muscular and toned appearance.

There are medical benefits of surgery

Tummy tuck offers more than cosmetic benefits: there are medical benefits, too. For instance, repairing weakened or loose abdominal muscles can improve posture and reduce some types of back pain. Furthermore, some women have found that the surgery improved symptoms of stress urinary incontinence after having children.

The belly button does not move

The belly button undergoes a major transformation during tummy tuck, and its shape, size and position should look very natural after surgery. But it isn’t the belly button that moves; actually, the skin around the belly button moves. A new opening is made in the skin, and the belly button is brought through the opening and stitched into place.

You can get pregnant after tummy tuck

A common misconception is that pregnancy after tummy tuck is risky or even impossible. That simply isn’t true; it is safe to get pregnant again after tummy tuck, and there are no risks to mother or baby.

However, pregnancy after tummy tuck can “undo” some of the cosmetic benefits of surgery. The skin and muscles tightened during surgery can stretch out again. For that reason, Dr. Bulan recommends you postpone tummy tuck until you are finished growing your family.

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