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Breast Enhancement Trends

Trends in Breast Enhancement

Similarly to clothes and fashion, trends in breast enhancement change over the years thanks to influences from celebrities, the media and society. Here, Dr. Erwin Bulan, a trusted Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon, breaks down the latest trends in breast enhancement.

Smaller, More Modest Breast Implants

The demand for extra-large breast implants has been decreasing over the years. These days, more women are requesting modest-looking implants to create a more beautiful breast appearance that accentuates their figure. Small breast implants are not only more natural-looking but also more practical. Women with overly large breast implants may have difficulty exercising and are more prone to experience breast sag.

Some former breast augmentation patients now subscribe to the maxim “less is more” when it comes to their breasts. The number of women wanting to downsize their breast implants has been increasing over the last couple of years.

The Gummy Bear Revolution

Gummy bear breast implants have been around for decades. However, they only became available in the United States and received FDA approval about six years ago. Also known as highly cohesive silicone gel implants, gummy bear implants have become very popular as they are made of cohesive silicone gel that is less likely to ripple or lose shape in case of a rupture or leak.

Although gummy bear implants are not for everyone, this newer implant choice symbolizes the fact that women now have a variety of options when it comes to breast augmentation.

Breast Lift Procedures Rapidly Growing

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular breast enhancement procedure in the U.S. However, breast lift is showing tremendous growth. In fact, breast lift is growing at twice the rate of breast augmentation surgeries, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Breast lift is designed to address breast sag (ptosis) by raising the breast mound higher on the chest wall. The procedure also corrects stretched out areolas and downward pointing nipples. Women unhappy with small, saggy breasts can benefit from a breast lift with implants combination procedure and achieve more comprehensive results.

A reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Bulan can help you navigate your breast enhancement options and design a treatment plan that achieves the most desirable outcome. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bulan, please call (973) 467-9744 or email our Northern New Jersey office today.