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Facelift recovery

What to Expect During Facelift Recovery

The recovery period following facelift surgery is essential to the success of the results. Following your surgeon’s instructions and recommendations after surgery enables your body to heal properly and quickly. And the sooner you heal, the sooner you can show off your beautiful, rejuvenated look! Here, Northern New Jersey plastic surgeon Erwin Bulan, M.D. explains what you should expect during the first month of facelift recovery.

Week One

Once surgery is finished, you will be taken to a recovery suite to rest. Once the anesthesia has worn off and Dr. Bulan’s team has cleared you, you will return to your home or hotel to rest. At this time, you will still feel groggy from the effects of the anesthesia, so you will need to have a loved one drive you home. Once you’re back home, settle into a comfortable position on your couch or bed. You will need to rest for the remainder of the day, with your head elevated at all times. Take all post-op medication as directed by the surgeon.

Dr. Bulan will schedule your follow-up appointment on the second or third day of recovery. He will remove surgical dressings to evaluate if the incision sites are healing well. If everything looks good, he will re-dress the treatment area and you will return home to continue to rest. Although swelling and soreness are normal, you must notify our team if you feel any severe discomfort. Bruising and swelling should begin to improve after the third or fourth day.

Plan on taking it easy for the remainder of the week. You should take short walks around the house as soon as you feel ready, but vigorous exercise and other strenuous physical activities should be avoided during the first week.

Week Two

You will likely continue to feel slight numbness, tingling, soreness and other minor discomfort during the second week of recovery. Dr. Bulan may clear you to return to work, resume socializing and other everyday activities after the second week of recovery. Bruising and residual swelling can be concealed with makeup.

Weeks Three and Four

You will likely have your sutures removed by the end of the third week and begin to see improvements in your facial contours three to four weeks after surgery. Your energy level will likely be fully restored by the fourth week, so you can resume vigorous exercise. Dr. Bulan may place restrictions on certain activities depending on your personal healing progress. During this time, your facelift scars will continue to heal. You must practice proper sun protection (i.e., wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen) to help your scars heals properly.

To learn more about what to expect during facelift recovery, or to find out if you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bulan. Please call (973) 467-9744 or email our Northern New Jersey office today.