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breast augmentation before-and-after photos

What to Look for in Breast Augmentation Before-and-After Photos

If you’re considering having breast augmentation surgery, it’s obviously important to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

But in addition to finding a surgeon with the right qualifications and experience, it’s a good idea to review before-and-after photos of breast augmentations that the surgeon performed.

If you needed to hire another type of professional, such as a photographer or graphic designer, you’d read reviews and testimonials and look at the candidates’ portfolios to make sure their work aligned with your style, preferences and needs.

Similarly, it’s important to review surgeons’ past work, paying attention to a few key factors.

Below, the team at Bulan Plastic Surgery shares exactly what you need to look for when reviewing breast augmentation before-and-after photos so you can find the surgeon who is the best fit for you.

Different Body Types and Results

The surgeon’s portfolio should consist of a variety of patients with different body types and results. Why? Because the best surgeons are able to customize the procedure to meet a wide range of personal needs and preferences.

If a surgeon’s portfolio consists mostly of patients with similar physiques and augmentation results, he or she may lack the skills necessary to create personalized results and cater to varying aesthetic goals.

Patients with Bodies like Yours

While your surgeon’s portfolio should consist of a diverse array of patients, you want to pay the closest attention to the “before” photos of patients whose bodies most closely resemble your own, especially in terms of body frame, and breast size and shape.

This way, you can get a feel for what to expect and gauge how a particular breast size would look on your body.

Results that Look Natural

Patients, of course, will have varying goals and preferences with regard to the appearance of their breasts. But, generally speaking, “after” photos should look natural, take into account a person’s body frame size, and be proportional.

Minimal Scarring

Anytime an incision is made, scarring results. But a skilled surgeon makes incisions in such a way that scarring is minimal and easily hidden beneath a bra or bathing suit.

Review Our Photo Gallery

You can check out the before-and-after photos of breast augmentation surgeries performed by Dr. Erwin Bulan here. We invite you to schedule a consultation in order to see our full portfolio of before-and-after photos for complete discussion. Please call or email our office to book an appointment to learn more today.