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Breast Reduction in Essex County, New Jersey

Your Breast Reduction Results: What To Expect

If you have struggled with the discomfort of oversized, heavy breasts for a long time, it is exhilarating to imagine life after breast reduction. You my constantly daydream about what it will be like to have lighter, more proportional breasts and a new lease on life.

While every patient responds to breast reduction differently and recovers at her own pace, one thing is true: it takes time for the final results to appear. Having an idea of what to expect can help you stay patient as you anticipate your results.

Here, Dr. Erwin Bulan explains when you can expect to enjoy your breast reduction results.

How Long Will It Take for My Breasts To Heal?

Initially after surgery, you may observe that your breasts are smaller than they were. But due to post-operative swelling, they may still appear larger than you would like. The worst of the swelling should subside within two weeks and continue to resolve in the months following your surgery. Keep in mind that both breasts may not heal simultaneously, and there is a possibility they will look asymmetrical for a period of time.

It’s easy to feel antsy about seeing your final results as you wait for the swelling to resolve. But besides following Dr. Bulan’s post-operative instructions, you cannot do anything to rush your recovery and results. Do your best to remain calm and patient while focusing on your ultimate goals of surgery. Avoid the temptation to buy new bras as your breasts continue to heal and settle into their new shape.

You can reasonably expect to see your final results about two to three months after surgery. At this point, it is usually safe to buy new bras that fit properly.

Your breasts may continue to change for up to a year after surgery, as any residual swelling disappears, but the changes will be subtle. With the proper care and attention, your surgical scars will fade considerably during this time. They will never completely disappear, but they will become lighter and flatter. Additional procedures such as laser resurfacing of the scars can be undertaken to continue to lighten and blend in the scars.

How Long Do Breast Reduction Results Last?

Breast reduction results are considered long-lasting, assuming your weight remains stable. If you gain weight, become pregnant and breastfeed or experience other hormonal shifts, your breasts could get bigger again. For this reason, Dr. Bulan may recommend delaying breast reduction until you are finished having children.

For more information about breast reduction and what it can do for you, please request a consultation at Bulan Plastic Surgery.