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Reconstructive Surgery in Essex County, New Jersey

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At Bulan Plastic Surgery in Northern New Jersey, we are honored to offer our medical support to those in need of reconstructive surgery. Dr. Erwin Bulan realizes that the decision to undergo reconstructive surgery can be difficult for both the patient and his or her loved ones. In the setting of trauma, the situation is both unpredicted, stressful and non-elective. As such, he is dedicated to providing his reconstructive surgical services with respect and compassion.

Why Choose Dr. Bulan for Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive Surgery in Essex CountyDr. Bulan performs reconstructive surgery on abnormal body features caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, infection, trauma or disease. The plastic surgeon typically performs reconstructive surgery to improve functionality, but he can also use reconstructive surgery to restore a patient’s appearance. He provides reconstructive surgery for both children and adults.

Dr. Bulan is also extremely proud of being recognized for his care of kids in both congenital and trauma plastic surgery. Being named as one of Northern New Jersey’s Favorite Kids Doc by New Jersey Family Magazine is a testament to his expert care, patience, and bedside manner.

Reconstructive surgery may be covered by insurance, but it is best to contact your individual insurance carrier to obtain specific information about what specific procedures are covered and what level of coverage can be expected.

Types of Reconstructive Procedures

The following are some of the most common reconstructive surgical procedures that Dr. Bulan offers.

Reconstruction after Trauma

Suffering a traumatic injury is physically and psychologically devastating. But a reconstructive surgeon can play an important role in the healing process by restoring normal appearance and function to the affected area(s). Reconstruction after trauma can be life-changing.

Dr. Bulan offers the highest level of care to patients that have suffered traumatic injuries following a motor vehicle accident, fall, natural disaster or sports accident. Traumatic injuries can affect the skin, soft tissues, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. Common types of traumatic injuries include the following:

  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • Tears in the skin or muscle
  • Facial fractures

Dr. Bulan performs a multitude of reconstructive soft-tissue procedures after trauma, including skin and muscle flaps as well as skin grafting. In addition, reconstruction may involve the use of complex maxillofacial plating techniques to restore the symmetry and balance of facial bones after facial fracture. Dr. Bulan can even provide the utmost care and expertise to various lacerations, which can also be repaired by emergency room services. However, the results obtained from a true board-certified plastic surgeon will provide the most optimal healing with minimal scarring.

Reconstruction After Mohs (Skin Cancer Surgery)

Mohs surgery is an extremely effective skin cancer treatment that removes the entire tumor while minimizing disruption to the surrounding healthy tissue. During the procedure, the skin cancer is removed layer by layer and carefully examined under a microscope. This continues until the Mohs surgeon discovers “clear margins,” or healthy, cancer-free tissue around the tumor. This approach is ideal for keeping the maximum amount of healthy tissue intact and unharmed, while completely eliminating the tumor.

In some cases of Mohs surgery, where the wound is small or in a discreet location where scarring is not a concern, the wound may be allowed to heal on its own. Or, it may be closed with sutures immediately following the Mohs procedure. In other cases, reconstructive surgery may be recommended to repair the wound. Whether reconstructive surgery is recommended depends primarily on the size, severity and location of the wound. For example, areas like the eyelids or the nose often require reconstruction.

Dr. Bulan has considerable knowledge and expertise in wound repair, including wounds caused by removal of skin cancer. After accessing the wound and learning more about the case, he will recommend the treatment option that will result in the best-looking scar and restore function to the affected area. With large or complicated wounds, reconstruction could require a skin graft or a flap.

Pediatric Lacerations

Experiencing a cut or wound, such as a laceration, in the skin is never a pleasant experience — especially for a child and his or her parents. When a laceration occurs, it can be reassuring to find a surgeon as skilled as Dr. Bulan. He possesses not only the clinical expertise needed to deliver leading-edge care, but also the unique skillset required to work with children: namely, patience, empathy, great communication and a gentle touch. His goal with pediatric laceration repair is to produce optimal functional and cosmetic results in a way that is least upsetting to the child.

Currently, emergency room settings can also provide care of pediatric lacerations. However, electing to have a board-certified plastic surgeon is a choice to insure the most optimal treatment with minimal scarring.

During consultation with Dr. Bulan, he will thoroughly assess the wound before recommending the repair approach most appropriate for the case. The technique selected will help prevent infection and other complications, and minimize scarring as best possible.

How to Schedule Reconstructive Surgery

Conditions that require reconstructive surgery are never easy. However, Dr. Bulan and the staff want to help. During consultation, Dr. Bulan can explain each procedure in detail, answer any questions you may have, evaluate your unique anatomy and needs, and recommend an appropriate surgical treatment plan. As a follow-up to reconstruction after trauma, Dr. Bulan continues to use his abilities to further maximize the healing process. We are here to help you reconstruct both your body and your life. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bulan, please contact Bulan Plastic Surgery by calling (973) 467-9744 today.

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